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Presa Tires


PRESA TIRES are made in THAILAND. PRESA is one of the latest and innovative lines from Cheng Shin Rubber, one of the most important global brands recognized for their high quality all around the world. The PRESA line tires were first developed to attend the European market requirements and it is now being distributed not only in Europe but in many other regions in Asia and Latin America.

A reliable tire designed with safety, for you and your family, in mind as our highest priority. Tires created with empathy to the needs of our consumers and the environment. Designed with simplicity in mind, but based on complex technological processes, we are always ready to adapt to the changing needs of our consumers. Innovating and leading the way, in other words, we are always one-step ahead of our competitors and we do not compromise on quality.

PRESA produces the following category of tires:

PCR- Passenger Car Radials

TBR- Truck Bus Radials

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