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About Us

Bajaber Group was established in Hadhramout, Yemen with the vision to be number one supplier for top quality automotive and electronic products. There is a much longer history behind why Bajaber  Group has taken Automotives and Home Appliances / Electronics as its sectors and field of focus which actually root back to Bajaber family’s ancestor's trading activities.

Not until 1995, in which, Bajaber Group formally established its first millstone as an official platform serving the automotive industry both as a retailer and wholesaler under the name Bajaber Trading Establishment.

In year 2000, Bajaber Group officially made its first step in the home appliances and electronics field under the name Bajaber For Electronics (Previously knowns as Bajaber Trading Stores)  which aims at serving the direct end users in this field. ABCO Hadhramout for Import and Export is also a subsidiary of Bajaber Group which looks after external and import-related matters. We also have our presence in UAE under Ba Kather General Trading LLC which acts as our center of business conduct especially in the field of supply chain. Most of our business is routed via UAE for re-exportation to the appropriate target market. Our business relations team has its office in Istanbul, Turkey where they develop and sustain business with all our supplying partners.

Today, Bajaber Group, has over 15 retail stores, 6 warehouses, and 50+ partners across Yemen. We have expanded not only our product range but also our spatial presence to cover not only the southern part of Yemen but also the northern part and other regions in the neighboring markets such as Somalia through a professional network of well-respected partners.

Being a leading company, Bajaber Group is committed to offering the utmost satisfaction to its customers by offering premium quality products. We have fully equipped facilities for sales, partnerships with leading manufacturers, and after-sales services that we bride. Each year, we strengthen our presence by acquiring more loyal customers, and increasing range of products.

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